Sessions for Owners

Five Paths to Extraordinary Productivity

As the competitive landscape evolves, ensuring high-level productivity from all your staff members — including yourself — will become increasingly important. Connect yourself to the five keys to creating a highly productive and successful team.

Employee Engagement That Drives Results

Employee engagement drives customer engagement. There are 12 key elements in your workplace that drive employee engagement. Discover what those key elements are and how you can utilize them to create high levels of sustainable employee engagement.

Turn Your Services into Products Customers Want

Do you intend to fully unbundle or just need to be able to bill for services to non-patients/patients with a third-party benefit? If you treat the services you provide as “products” that you can “sell,” you can more easily make them resonate with customers.

Measure Your Marketing

Is your marketing return on investment (ROI) in line with the industry average? Is it better or worse? How do your digital results differ from your direct mail outcomes? How do your results compare to other, similar AHAA practices? We’ll show you how to easily plan, measure and adjust your marketing efforts to achieve
maximum ROI.

Foolproof Your Practice From OTC

OTC is coming, but there is no need to panic! There are numerous steps you can take now that will prepare you for the OTC world.

Who is Your Customer?

Tomorrow’s customers are not the same as yesterday’s customers! New and unusual sources (think managed care, digital marketing, OTC) will yield your next consumers. Customer profiles can prepare you for the differences by linking you to what is important to them and what motivates their decisions.

Maximize Your Connections! An interactive discussion to help your practice thrive.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

We are bringing together Associates, AHAA employees, and vendor partners to share how their Connections to one another moved the business needle forward in 2017.

Among the topics we will discuss:

  • Growing a business (and your network).
  • Sticking to a plan and working with partners to execute it.
  • Marketing and business development with assistance.

We will illustrate what worked, what didn’t work, and provide ample opportunity to ask questions and share your own insights. Take part in this interactive discussion and make an investment in the future success of your practice!

You can remain independent without ever having to go it alone!

Saturday Session: Practice Management Applied: Appointment Confirmations

Armed with research from other healthcare markets illustrating just how effective appointment reminders can be, we have invited our practice management software vendor partners to leave their exhibition displays and become an integral part of an interactive Saturday session.

Join representatives from Blueprint, Sycle, TIMS, and West Televox as we discuss how you can decrease cancellation and no-shows by incorporating appointment reminders into your practice’s daily process. Breakout sessions with vendors will allow you to experience a “hands-on” demonstration of appointment reminder capabilities.

Realize the impact appointment confirmations can make to your bottom line!

Staff Sessions

Audiology/Dispenser Course A
Fully utilize the human touch in our Connections.

The world is full of competent businesses, so you must differentiate your practice by how you connect with your customers, the experience you give them, how you empower others, and what you are willing/able to do that your competitors are not. In your role, you’ll need to connect with your patients, their friends and family, and coworkers to ensure extraordinary service.

Identify what patients want beyond good health care advice, the process patients are in, and how we can connect to that process.
Apply the concepts of “likability” (focused inward) and “empathy” (focused outward) to create the foundation for good connections between people (patients, team members, community) and better outcomes.
Demonstrate the ability to leverage our personal strengths and the strength of our individual teammates to deliver uncommon patient experiences.

Audiology/Dispenser Course B
Create an effective, efficient Connection to ‘Yes.’

The right Connection with your patient can lead to a more direct path to “yes.” When you know the personality of the patient sitting in front of you, you can use it to your advantage. Learn the various behavioral characteristics and determine how style differences impact communication. Read your patient’s anxiety and then Connect with them through verbal and non-verbal cues to close the sale.

Recognize how knowing and identifying your “Why” will foster a deeper connection with their patients.
Complete the social styles inventory to discover patients’ social styles in order to gain insight into their behavioral strengths and weaknesses.
Demonstrate effective team-building and better communication skills in the workplace to facilitate best practices.

ENT Practitioners
Stop preselling for other providers!

When it comes to the ENT patient funnel, you may be adequately diagnosing hearing loss, but patients are not being moved into treatment. Instead, many of your patients are leaking out and finding their way to other providers. Gain a better understanding of how you can increase patient care by dispensing more hearing aids through better communication and working as a team.

Articulate the ENT patient funnel, where patients leak out, and the financial/patient impacts.
Demonstrate how the ENT/AuD/OM team will work together to communicate and effectively close the leaks.
Incorporate best practices for overcoming objections and increasing economic growth.

Front Office Personnel
Connecting to the future of hearing healthcare.

With continual change in our industry, there are always new challenges present (OTC, increasing competition, managed sales, etc.) we need to recognize and comprehend. Thankfully, other industries face similar challenges and present us with the opportunity to learn from their failures and successes. We’ll lay the framework to create distinct advantages over competitors by consistently demonstrating success in customer experience and operational excellence.

Build immediate patient rapport by extracting the “pain point” so consumers choose your clinic over a competitor, increasing the percentage of calls converted to appointments.
Confidently evaluate whether you make a professional first — and lasting — impression or what corrective changes need to be made to make a connection with the patient.
Understanding the importance of the third party to a clinic’s success, attendees will be motivated to ask for a third party on all scheduling calls and set a goal of 75 percent third party participation in all appointments.

Hearing Instrument Specialists
Prepare for the Hearing Instrument Specialist Licensing exam.

Learn the basics of hearing testing and hearing aid fitting as it relates to the Hearing Instrument Specialist Licensing exam. Review written test questions, take earmold impressions, and practice for the practical portion of the exam.

Please Note: Attending this class does not ensure a passing score on the examination; regulations and fees may vary by state.

Practice Development Representatives
Don’t just get aboard the buying cycle — learn to steer it your way!

Using the five stages of the customer buying cycle, you’ll learn how to steer it to gain access and create new/repeat referrals. Grow your portfolio through positive outcomes from community involvement to increase screenings and booked hearing aid evaluations. Acquire a new perspective and tools to handle issues — rejection, access and hollow commitments — that hamper success.

Utilize rejection and persistence as a measure of success vs. failure.
Identify the “Midas” in each office, where that office is in the buying cycle, and then tailor your message/action accordingly.
Recognize customer “trigger events” — the difference in acknowledging vs. accepting potential hearing loss — and determine how to best move that customer to an opportunity.

Preserve and enhance your greatest asset (you!).

To continue to bring our best to our roles, we must continue to sharpen our skills! That means identifying how industry changes force us to improve and developing an approach and commitment to continuously “sharpen our saw.” Arm yourself with the strategies that will enable you to adapt and meet industry challenges — and ultimately succeed and grow.

Acknowledge and fully recognize how competitive challenges impact your role.
Embrace the mindset of focusing on the self-interest of the customer at all times.
Everyone we speak to likely has different needs and self-interests — learn to set your tone accordingly.

Vendor Sessions

Phonak: Benchmarking Your Practice to Thrive

Be among the first to discover the outcomes of the 2017 Phonak-commissioned Industry Benchmarking Survey! Now in its 9th year, this widely anticipated survey is designed to provide audiology practice owners with tools to effectively compare their performance against industry standards. See how you compare with the latest data and insights, highlight key practice performance differentiators, and get practical advice for taking your practice from business as usual to best in class!

Participants will be able to:

  • Apply the survey data to identify operational inefficiencies, improve staff productivity, and markedly improve revenue and profitability in their practices.
  • Identify which specific investments of time and resources will initiate better practice outcomes.
  •  Implement new processes/programs, reassess objectives, evaluate existing performance standards, and recalibrate measures.

Widex: Master Software Features, Acoustic Identities to Improve Sales and Minimize Returns

Maximize your patient’s listening experience through a better understanding of the effect of various acoustic identities such as venting, ear molds, ear tips, tubing. There are also software features that can strongly impact the way a patient will hear conversation comfortably and audibly in situations such as loud noisy environments, distance speech, and in group conversations.

This course will focus on amplification terms and skills that can be applied to any hearing aid fitting.

  • Learn the effects of various selected acoustic identities and how they can impact the fitting.
  • Understand how software adjustments shape the listening experience for the wearer.
  • Recognize the amplification criteria needed for an appropriate first fit experience.

Signia/Sivantos: Utilizing Hearing Technology to Improve Outcomes and Grow your Practice

Virtual home visits and the use of social media can differentiate your practice and ensure the future of hearing healthcare as the patient population base changes. Hearing care professionals can now offer best of service via virtual home visits with industry-leading guided assistance. TeleCare 3.0 from Signia saves time, increases the quality of care, and improves patient satisfaction. This application results in fewer returns, faster acclimatization and less follow-up visits.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of a virtual home visit for both the practice and the patient.
  • Conduct a virtual follow-up visit.
  • Define types of digital marketing that can be used to expand practice outreach.

Oticon: Connectivity: Enhancing the User Experience

Wireless connectivity in hearing devices has been in use for than 10 years. Technological advancements have improved users’ access to streamed inputs and advanced audiological solutions. In this seminar, we will review the different methods of wireless connectivity between the instruments and to other wireless devices.

Attendees will gain an understanding of:

  • The differences between NFMI and 2.4 GHz Bluetooth
  • How hearing devices can make use of the “Internet of Things” by connecting to the website.

Pre-Conference Sessions

All classes: Wednesday, February 14, 3–4:30 p.m.

Oticon: Open Sound Navigator: Oticon’s Unique Solution for the Noise Problem

Oticon’s OpenSound Navigator™ restores access to the soundscape by providing patients with a new way of using directionality to preserve speech and reduce extraneous noise surrounding the patient. Review the core principles used in BrainHearing™ and OpenSound Navigator — including noise removal, sound processing, and Genie2 personalization — and how they contribute to benefitting patients in challenging listening environments.

Interacoustics: Teleaudiology in the Hearing Healthcare Practice

Teleaudiology can be utilized to reach patients in rural areas as well as to supplement clinic activities. Ten critical points will help examine the rationale for establishing a teleaudiology program. Identify the necessary equipment and training, licensure, coding and reimbursement, and HIPAA issues. Attendees will also gain helpful tips to create a successful audiology telepractice, generate extra income, and provide even better patient care.

Sprint CapTel: Captioned Telephone Service and You!

Recent adjustments to FCC regulations mean changes to the captioned telephone service options for your customers. Benefit from a greater understanding of the captioned telephone industry and recent FCC actions/regulations that pertain to audiologists. Get an in-depth look at the features and specifications of the various captioned telephone models available and how to identify which patients can best benefit from the services.