2018 Award Winners

Several audiologists and business owners were recognized, from among all Associates nationwide, for their dedication and success during a recent awards presentation at the annual AHAA Convention.

President’s Award

Suzette Pace, Au.D., F-AAA
Cortland Hearing Aids

In 2013, Suzette’s practice consisted of one office in Cortland, N.Y., one provider (Suzette), and one full-time front office staff member. In four short years, she now has three locations, five providers, four front office staff members, an AHAA telemarketer, and has almost quadrupled her annual revenue.

Her willingness to take risks, develop her staff, and follow the AHAA roadmap are at the foundation of an immensely successful practice.

Suzette is actively involved in her communities and recently initiated a Healthy Living Symposium, a half-day conference that brought a group of local healthcare providers together to promote healthy living to the 55+ community.

Growth Award

ENT & Allergy Associates

The largest ENT practice in the country, ENTA formed in 1998 when the 12 partners of three practices merged their eight locations. With 43 offices across New York and New Jersey, ENTA’s 300+ practitioners now see more than 80,000 patients per month.

Since Jason became Senior Director of Audiology two years ago, ENTA has increased hearing aid sales by 40 percent. Same store unit sales grew 21 percent in 2017 and hearing aid revenue increased 35 percent year over year.

As massive as the practice may be, Jason stays on top of his numbers and has tracking on every aspect of the Audiology department, which he uses to decipher trends and ways to improve.

Leadership Award

Keri Paur, HIS
Hearing Science of the Foothills

Keri worked at Hearing Science of the Foothills for many years before she bought her family’s business. In her first year as owner, she increased sales by more than 20 percent.

Her success can be attributed to the team mindset she exemplifies on a daily basis. She has also made a commitment to, and investment in, staff development in order to move past her competition and continue to grow an already established business.

Having worked as a dispenser for 12 years, Keri is an expert in hearing technology and has become known for her caring and patient personality, professional knowledge, and friendly, courteous service.

All The Right Things Award

Nancy Wong, Au.D.
Audiology & Hearing Center of Tampa

Born in Hong Kong and educated in the U.S., Nancy established her practice eight years ago and has more than 15 years of experience.

Family is especially important to her, so she treats each patient with respect and professionalism while giving them the personalized treatment they deserve as a member of her “Audiology Family.”

Nancy is growth-minded and continually nurtures her partnership with AHAA to achieve her goals. Each member of her staff has a deep understanding of how opportunities are created and the importance of working as a team to ensure that they help as many community members as possible.

Organizational Development Award

Kristen Bish, Au.D. and Darin Bish
Palmetto Audiology and Speech Therapy

Prior to opening Palmetto Audiology and Speech Therapy in 2006, Kristen practiced at various ENT and private clinical settings. In 2013, she opened a second private practice, The Hearing Shoppe, in nearby Mount Pleasant, S.C., with her husband, Darin, who serves as the Chief Financial Officer for both private practices.

Office staffing is directly tied to growth and the creation of patient opportunities. All staff members contribute to the mindset that everyone who calls should be fitted with a hearing aid if they need one. Regular company meetings are conducted and the organization is fully transparent as it relates to its goals.