2017 Award Winners

Eight audiologists and business owners were recognized, from among all Associates nationwide, for their dedication and success during a recent awards presentation at the annual AHAA Convention.

President’s Award

Victoria Kopec, Au.D., CCC-A, F-AAA
Toni R. Zanetti, Au.D., CCC-A, F-AAA
Ear Works Audiology

Over the past 16 years, Ear Works has grown into one of the largest privately owned audiology practices on Long Island. Victoria and Toni now manage 10 locations and 22 employees. Both audiologists have a true love for their craft and a passion for success. They work diligently to create an organization whose employees are proud and take a stake in the success of the business.

The staff of Ear Works is actively involved in the Long Island community and many local charity organizations. Their commitment to Tested Not Sold, third party, training, and improving their sales process is directly driving growth in their practice.

Growth Award

Kristin Koch, Au.D., F-AAA
Anthony Thacher
Evolution Hearing

Evolution Hearing is committed to nearly every program AHAA has to offer, which has resulted in the growth and expansion of their business. Unit sales increased 150 percent in 2015 over the prior year and jumped another 65 percent last year.

A transparent organization when it comes to numbers and goals, staff members have a singular mindset that everyone who calls or visits the practice in need of a device should be fitted with a hearing aid. They set the pace when it comes to requests for third party, block scheduling acumen, and examination of each patient opportunity/outcome.

Leadership Award

Michael Medori, HAD
Rebecca Medori
Hearing Solutions of North Georgia

Mike and Rebecca Medori seized an opportunity to purchase an audiology business from an ENT practice in October 2015. Although they had little business experience, they knew there was immense opportunity that could flourish with strong leadership and vision. They believed in themselves, their community, and AHAA. Mikeand Rebecca created a detailed plan and committed to improved communication and stronger bonds with staff members and patients. They focused on leading implementation, execution and positive outcomes.

In the end, Hearing Solutions has become the premiere hearing care provider for the area and is providing a much-needed service to the community.

All The Right Things Award

Lisa Goldstein, M.A. Audiologist
Universal Hearing Care, Inc.

Prior to opening her own practice in 2008, Lisa spent 14 years in a private practice hearing aid dispensing office. When she made the decision to open her own audiology and hearing aid office, her primary goal was to create an inviting, serene and safe environment for her patients.

Throughout her 35-year career, Lisa has made considerable efforts to nurture relationships with patients and help them make informed decisions about their hearing requirements. A highlyskilled hearing aid specialist, she understands the importance of helping improve her patients’ quality of life through the use of advanced hearing aid technology.

Organizational Development Award

Nola Aronson, M.A., CCC-A
Advanced Audiology

Nola Aronson has been helping hearing impaired individuals since 1987. Before opening Advanced Audiology in September 2010, she successfully grew two other practices. Her commitment to development is apparent in her business and her community.

Nola and her team are dedicated to working with all branches of AHAA in order to enhance their knowledge and training. Regular staff meetings help reinforce the information they gain through practical application.

For their positive, influential roles outside of the office, the staff of Advanced Audiology was named Santa Clarita Valley’s “Community Champion.”