Sessions for Owners

Don’t Keep Pace; Set the Pace!

Your world has changed. Like all other businesses in all other industries, it is going to continue to change at a dizzying pace. In order to stay on top, you need to create an agile practice. When your organization looks forward to what’s next and is ready for anything, you can implement effective changes on the fly! Don’t simply keep up with your competition; get out in front by helping your staff become passionate about key performance indicators and continuous process improvement.

Leave Convention with the knowledge that your organization will be ready for anything by improving your communications, training, and staff engagement.

Customers are Unique, Their Experience Should Be, Too!

When you recognize the differences and similarities within your customer base, you can act on those elements, and move toward a more personalized approach to care for each and every patient! Discover the ways your business must adapt in order to meet new customer expectations. Gain the awareness necessary to map each patient’s journey with the services and support that reflect a unique, personalized experience.

When you get home, you will be ready to conduct a deeper analysis of your practice’s customer experience and create an action plan with initiatives for the remainder of the year.

The Many Virtues of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is critical for the success of your practice (we will prove it to you!). Think past traditional methodology, tools and experiences to envision the customer needs of 2020. When you consider your business objectives, it will become second-nature to also align your marketing channels, use relevant media, and execute in a timely manner. Once you have a deeper understanding of the 1:1 marketing strategy, we will delve into the tactical activities necessary to maximize customer engagement and sales opportunities.

After Convention, you will be empowered to identify and implement the most effective digital marketing tactics into your business to improve your customers’ experiences.

Moving Beyond Managed Care’s Obstructions

Managed care is having a profound effect on healthcare and our part of the industry is no different. In order to effectively plan for the ongoing changes in patient mix, we need to understand and appreciate the obstacles created as a result of the growing population of consumers with hearing benefits through both insurance and managed care programs. Ensure your practice’s efficiency and profitability with a solid strategic plan and benefit from the best practices your peers are implementing to address managed care’s challenges.

Return to your practice with the knowledge of how managed care impacts pricing, selling, scheduling, and staffing — AND a strategic plan to overcome each of those challenges.

Gleaning the Opportunities from Managed Care

Your patient mix may be changing because of managed care, but that shouldn’t be considered a roadblock to the success of your practice. Patient data exists all around you, and can help keep your practice balanced, but only when you fully grasp its meaning and know how to best apply the information. Key metrics, pricing strategies, and selling tools are all available to help you get the most from every opportunity. Get comfortable with your numbers and key performance indicators so you know exactly where you stand when it comes to managed care opportunities.

When you leave Orlando, you will be prepared to adjust your operations and processes to address managed care’s distinct nuances. Embrace your numbers and measure your practice’s success to balance/fill your schedule effectively.

Igniting the Fuel That Drives Your Staff

Delivering the best patient experience means realizing what drives staff members and then creating an incentive program that motivates them to embody your mission. Clearly articulating your (higher) expectations will allow your employees to experience immense growth and professional development. When combined with a compensation model, employees will develop professionally, earn more, be happier, and understand more deeply why they need to drive opportunities for the practice.

Set a new level of expectations when you return to your practice and implement a variable component to your compensation plan that will drive behaviors necessary to sell more units.

One (Unique, Personal, Focused) Message For Everyone

Consider each of your customers individually — you will exceed their expectations when you understand and interact with them via the proper marketing channels and with the most relevant and timely messaging. Examine your customer database to deliver more effective and dynamic customer experiences and then delve into the tactical activities to implement this concept at the practice level, maximizing customer engagement and sales opportunities.

When you get back to your practice, you will be able to identify which marketing tactics will work best for your business. You can then utilize your customer data to implement a 1:1 marketing strategy and plan for the rest of the year.