Sessions for Owners

Five Paths to
Extraordinary Productivity

As the competitive landscape evolves, ensuring high-level productivity from all your staff members — including yourself — will become increasingly important. Connect yourself to the five keys to creating a highly productive and successful team.

Employee Engagement
That Drives Results

Employee engagement drives customer engagement. There are 12 key elements in your workplace that drive employee engagement. Discover what those key elements are and how you can utilize them to create high levels of sustainable employee engagement.

Turn Your Services into
Products Customers Want

Do you intend to fully unbundle or just need to be able to bill for services to non-patients/patients with a third-party benefit? If you treat the services you provide as “products” that you can “sell,” you can more easily make them resonate with customers.

Measure Your

Is your marketing return on investment (ROI) in line with the industry average? Is it better or worse? How do your digital results differ from your direct mail outcomes? How do your results compare to other, similar AHAA practices? We’ll show you how to easily plan, measure and adjust your marketing efforts to achieve
maximum ROI.

Foolproof Your
Practice From OTC

OTC is coming, but there is no need to panic! There are numerous steps you can take now that will prepare you for the OTC world.

Who is Your

Tomorrow’s customers are not the same as yesterday’s customers! New and unusual sources (think managed care, digital marketing, OTC) will yield your next consumers. Customer profiles can prepare you for the differences by linking you to what is important to them and what motivates their decisions.