Saturday Sessions

Session for Owners and DOs

The Future of Practice Management Software is Here!

Preparing for the future is about making changes today! Managing your practice with a “business as usual” approach is not going to keep the lights on in a few years. To compete today, and to be effective tomorrow, you must make the most of the capabilities you have.

You need to look at your practice management software differently and incorporate features that go beyond managing patient records and sales. Are you using your software to:

  • Capture, track and manage lead information?
  • Manage interactions across channels?
  • Provide insight reporting to identify what is working and where course corrections are needed?
  • Integrate with your marketing efforts in order to align sales?

bluep_sycle_timsSystems will evolve and incorporate capabilities that used to be considered advanced technologies, but there are numerous advancements that you should utilize NOW!

Our vendor partners — Blueprint, Sycle and TIMS — have worked diligently to provide you with technology such as predictive analytics, marketing attribution, and customer journey reporting. Join them in an interactive session as they outline the advancements they have made, and will continue to make, in order to align their software to meet your needs.

Session for Audiology Professionals

Cognition-Audition and Amplification

“The first 100 years of audiology were about hearing — the next 100 years will be about listening,” says Dr. Douglas L. Beck, the Director of Academic Sciences for Oticon, Senior Editor of Clinical Research for Hearing Review, and Adjunct Professor of Audiology.

beckJoin Dr. Beck for an intimate look at the future of audiology and how your craft will evolve as Vision2020 takes shape.

As listening is a cognitive function, many audiologists are beginning to screen for cognitive abilities in their patients. Beck will discuss why cognitive screenings should be a vital part of your practice and how you can integrate them into your everyday appointments.

You will also come away with confidence in your ability to conduct speech-in-noise (SIN) tests and realize how useful these tests can be in hearing aid dispensing. “The single most common complaint among all individuals with hearing loss is the inability to understand SIN, yet fewer than one-third of all hearing care professionals test or document SIN,” says Beck.