General Sessions

Audiology/Dispenser Course

Learning Never Stops

With more information presently available to the consumer than any of us could possibly review, how effective is our current approach to teaching the material? Many of us can still recall the lessons taught by an outstanding teacher, but is it possible for us to bring that same level of energy and insight to our patients and colleagues? With all the changes happening in our industry, we must also commit to investing time in ourselves to grow as professionals through preparation.

  • Articulate what it means to be a premier educator in our profession and identify what you need to do for adult learners to succeed.
  • Prepare to drive inspiration on your team and set the pace for success on a daily basis.
  • Adapt the necessary steps for successful professional preparation.

ENT Sales Course

Getting Beyond ‘No’

Have you ever wondered why patients keep saying “no”? We will dive deep into understanding why individuals decline and practice skills to increase patient sales and satisfaction. You will feel more confident to ask for the sale and ultimately help more patients.

  • Effectively conduct hearing aid evaluations by developing the need, providing value, and maximizing their trust in you and your recommendations.
  • Utilize non-verbal communication and understand how charisma can increase sales and deepen the relationship with patients.
  • Develop and demonstrate successful ways to overcome physician and patient objections.

Front Office Personnel Course

Your Super Power: Understanding Your Customers

Today’s hearing healthcare customers have distinct needs and present new challenges. In order to gain an advantage over your competitors, you must demonstrate excellence in customer experience on a daily basis. Who needs to leap tall buildings — you have the gift of customer excellence already inside of you! Learn how to best apply your skills to objections, wellness, third party, and managed care to set the right tone for your practice!

  • Apply customer feedback tactics to determine their wants/needs and create a practice specific plan to elevate the customer experience.
  • Implement demonstrated tactics/tools to increase opportunities.
  • Overcome common objections and fill opportunity appointments in the schedule with OOW, cancellation patients, and referrals.

HIS Course

HIS Licensing Review

Learn the basics of hearing testing and hearing aid fitting as it relates to the Hearing Instrument Specialist Licensing exam. Review written test questions, take earmold impressions, and practice for the practical portion of the exam.

Please Note: Attending this class does not ensure a passing score on the examination; regulations and fees may vary by state.

PDR Course

Tell Your Friends About Us!

Patient referrals are becoming an integral part of growing specialty practices today. As a result, the role of the PDR is even more critical for success. Use growing trends and technology found in physician offices to assist you and apply research into your daily routine. Study how other specialty practices generate leads and referrals and translate those lessons into our field.

  • Explore what motivates and keeps you active, fresh and relevant in your role while reaching obtainable goals and objectives.
  • Discuss best practices to determine how we can use the tools at our disposal to evolve and increase our success in the future.
  • Utilize resources to increase referrals and learn to apply effective call preparation and routing.

Telemarketer Course

The More Informed Consumer Can be Your Best Customer

Information is power and today’s consumers wield incredible buying power. Their knowledge may make reaching them more difficult, but not impossible — IF you fully understand how the more informed consumer impacts your role and have a game plan in place to combat these changes. Gain a better understanding of what makes for a great call, no matter the industry, as well as new tools to handle objections and new question types/techniques for improved dials.

  • Identify how your current strategies need to be revised/thrown out based on industry changes.
  • Develop personal strategies to turn cold calls into warm calls and address new objections created by latest patient hot buttons.
  • Recognize the right and wrong ways to handle calls, the importance of reviewing your work/calls, and the ability to follow scripting for the desired outcome.