Day Ahead Classes

All classes: Wednesday, February 22, 3-4:30 p.m.

Connect Your Patients with IPCTS

Telecommunications relay service (TRS) allows hearing impaired individuals to place and receive telephone calls. The FCC has ruled that Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service (IPCTS) calls are an approved form of TRS and your patients may be eligible to receive a CaptionCall phone at no cost. Get to know the functionality of the CaptionCall phone and service and learn how to submit a professional certification form electronically.

Facilitator: CaptionCall
Room: Crystal F

Increase Practice Success with Tinnitometer Software

There are immense growth opportunities for a practice when the staff successfully implements a tinnitus protocol with the MedRx Tinnitometer software. Gain an understanding of the dynamics and functionality of the MedRx Tinnitometer software, how to apply the software for successful patient outcomes, and its potential impact on your patients and practice.

Facilitator: MedRx
Room: Crystal D

Let Marketing Drive Your Practice Further

When you use direct mail effectively, you can create a culture of opportunity and take over your market areas. Learn the intricacies of direct mail that can “make or break” a practice’s efforts and get the answers to the questions that hound you, such as, “Why do we send mail to dead people?”

Facilitator: ROC Advertising
Room: Crystal E

Redefine Your Patient Experience

Do many of your patients present unique challenges to you and your staff? Learn about and apply the latest skills and technology to thrive in this ever-changing marketplace. Get inside the mindset of today’s consumer and make the most of every patient encounter. Find out how Unitron’s proven Discovery Conversation technique and patient engagement technology provides you with the tools and skills needed for a transparent and collaborative fitting process.

Facilitator: Unitron
Room: Crystal B

The Best of Digital Marketing

Get the most out of your digital marketing with a review of best practices for lead optimization (call-to-action strategies), search engine optimization (simple tips on how to improve), pay-per-click advertising (best performing ads and keywords), email marketing (crafting targeted messages), content development (developing a plan and consistency), and Facebook marketing (generate more engagement).

Facilitator: WebArt
Room: Crystal C

Opn Means Endless Possibilities

Guided by Oticon’s BrainHearing™ audiological approach, the Opn™ device is engineered to better support how the brain processes sound. Get acquainted with the signal processing approach used in the Opn family of instruments, the advantages of this new approach compared to traditional directionality, and the expanded fitting and benefit ranges available.

Facilitator: Oticon
Room: Crystal A