2016 Award Winners

Eight audiologists and business owners were recognized, from among all Associates nationwide, for their dedication and success during a recent awards presentation at the annual AHAA Convention.

The President’s Award

The President’s Award recognizes the AHAA Associate who best exemplifies all of the key attributes that help make a practice successful: a commitment to training, process improvement, use of solutions, and leadership. In 2015, Christopher implemented a number of innovative programs and all came as the direct result of his research into where the industry was going and how the practice could better take charge of its own marketplace. An Associate for 20 years, Christopher considers his staff to be one of the most dedicated, passionate and hardest working groups that he’s ever had the pleasure and privilege of working with. By example, they have done one of the finest jobs of executing the AHAA wellness referral program. In their best month, they gathered 250+ names and the program accounted for 22 percent of their unit sales for the year. Their dedication also translated into an overall growth of 29 percent for the year.
Christopher Eckert, M.S., CCC-A
Hearing Unlimited


The Growth Award

The Growth Award is presented to the practice that demonstrated exceptional year-over-year growth.

Sitting in the audience at last year’s AHAA Convention awards ceremony, one of the staff members of Audiology Professionals said, “Why not us?” Donna and Craig agreed. When they got back to their practice, the staff committed wholeheartedly to the morning huddle and driving the block schedule relentlessly. In relatively short order, a team that used to avoid even talking about numbers transformed into a team that had their sights on one thing, and one thing only: the growth of the practice. When they met their goals, they celebrated like they won the Super Bowl. If they fell short — which did happen a few months — they made a pact to make next month the best of the year. This commitment from the entire team is why the practice grew a staggering 80 percent over last year!
Donna Hill, Au.D. and R. Craig Ford, Au.D.
Audiology Professionals, Inc.


The Leadership Award

The Leadership Award recognizes the practice owners who have demonstrated the utmost commitment to improving their performance and leadership skills in order to move their practice forward.

At the end of 2014, Robbi and Debra celebrated an amazing 33 percent growth and continued to enjoy a high rate of success in 2015. In the second quarter, however, they struggled to keep up the momentum…and that’s when they dug in their heels. Both Robbi and Debbie displayed a renewed willingness to do whatever it took to get their practice back on track for their 2015 goals. They employed a more aggressive direct mail approach, made some personnel changes, agreed to new lead generation strategies, and committed themselves and their staff members to ongoing education in order to create more opportunities. Through their leadership, Robbi and Debra helped their practice navigate rough waters and carried their practice to 12 percent growth.
Robbi Hershon, Au.D., CCC-A and Debra Knapp, Au.D., CCC-A
The Hearing Group


Organizational Development Award

The Organizational Development Award recognizes the practice owner who demonstrates the greatest commitment to training.

Marilyn and her Director of Operations, Rachel Garcia, share a vision for a successful practice that incorporates ongoing training to employees, cross-training employees on multiple positions, and being efficient with patients’ hearing healthcare. Team players are key to making this happen and to keeping the practice moving like the well-oiled machine it has become. Employee development sessions are attended without fail, and when there are questions, they seek answers. Rachel schedules quarterly company meetings in ink, the office is closed, and every employee participates. The staff of Advanced Hearing Center have been thrilled with the skills they have learned and it is clear they have applied them. Prior to their commitment to enrichment, they were averaging 50 units a month. They closed December at 156 units.
Marilyn M. Hinrichs, Au.D., CCC-A
Advanced Hearing Center


All the Right Things Award

The All The Right Things Award is given to the practice owner and staff members that have excelled in implementing and utilizing AHAA’s All The Right Things business model.

An Associate since 1994, Karen truly began utilizing AHAA’s services about 10 years ago. Since then, Lemme Audiology Associates has experienced a steady growth, due in large part to following All The Right Things!

Staff members consistently achieve a high third-party rate, embrace daily huddles, and are committed to the employee development program. The audiologists make regular calls after “no” and are more visible through increased community outreach. Best of all, an “opportunity mindset” now prevails and everyone is focused on filling the schedule.
Karen Lemme, Au.D.
Lemme Audiology Associates