Our 2013 Award Winners

Our 2013 award winners came from all over the country, and shared with us their unique stories of success.

President's Award
John Miles, Au.D. and Janet Snyder-Miles, Au.D.

Nicknamed The Opportunity Machine, John and Janet's practice Hear Well Audiology averaged 150 opportunities a month for most of 2012. This resulted in an incredible 79% rate of growth year-over-year from 2011 to 2012.

They're our big winners, but are just getting started. They brought together a new team (including new Front Office Personnel and a telemarketer) to create opportunities and enhance their patient's experiences, and established an effective marketing program, which utilizes direct mail, newspaper, and now web.

Growth Award
Dr. Wendy L. Smith, MD and Clay Smith

Wendy and Clay have achieved their incredible success by maintaining an intelligent, forward approach in running E.N.T. Solutions. Their strategic decision-making and prudent management style has resulted in an incredible 103% rate of growth year-over-year from 2011 to 2012.

They approach everything from a positive and energetic perspective that heavily influences their entire office in Blairsville, Georgia. In doing this, they set themselves and their entire staff up for future success as individuals, and as a practice.

Leadership Award
Dr. Amy Sapodin and Dr. Alison Hoffmann

Alison and Amy have lead their three Advanced Hearing Center locations to great success. They believe in and strictly follow All The Right Things, and it has benefitted them greatly – their average sales are 40 units per month.

They continue to sharpen their skills by regularly attending EDP classes as well as seeking feedback from their peers...but these days, they're giving as much advice as they're getting.

Organizational Development Award
Dr. Laura Day, Au.D.

Laura and her entire team at Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services never relent on their commitment to developing their business through tools like EDP workshops, tele-trainings, and owner and company meetings. It has all worked beautifully for them: since 2010, her business has improved by 30% in top line revenue, and her net income has grown 60%.

They've surpassed sales records that she didn't previously believe to be possible, and Laura sees now, that for her two locations in Washington state, the sky is truly the limit.

All The Right Things Award
Sara Nagel, Au.D.

There's no secret to Sara's continued success. It springs from dedication and a willingness to leave her comfort zone to keep learning and developing her business in different ways – well beyond a focus on just moving units.

Her consistent level of hard work paid off – her practice, Center for Audiology, experienced 56% growth year-over-year from 2011 to 2012.

2012 Award Winners
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